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Cumin Restaurant - Chicago

Best Wine and Dine Restaurant in Chicago #Bestrestaurantinchicago @cuminchicago

Cumin Restaurant in Chicago enters the list Best Wine and Dine Restaurant in America. Cumin a Nepalese and Indian restaurant located in heart of Wicker Park. Cumin was the first Nepalese/Indian restaurant to venture west side of City of Chicago and started our service on May of 2010.

Cumin have been rated as top tier restaurnt in city and have been awarded Michelin's Bib Gourmand from 2011 to 2019, ZAGAT and Yelp rated as well as featured on CHECK PLEASE Chicago.

The menu comprises of such perennial hits as Chicken Tikka Masala (boneless chicken marinated and cooked in Tandoor simmered in rich curry sauce), Paneer Aalu Gobhi Chilli Masala (cottage cheese cooked with potatoes, cauliflower florets and peppers in rich curry sauce), Chicken Vindaloo (chicken and potatoes cooked in hot and tangy sauce) and many vegetarian, meat and seafood entrees certain to bring out the taste you have been craving for; exotic and spicy. The Nepalese page of the menu consists of such appetizers as Chicken Momo (steamed dumplings with seasoned fillings) and Chhoela (marinated chicken diced and cooked in Tandoor with Nepalese spices), a staple in Nepalese kitchen. The entrees comprise of Gorkhali Khasi (bone-in goat meat cooked in rich Nepalese spices), Aalu Tama ra Bodi (potatoes, bamboo shoots and black-eyes peas), Namche Bazako Sekuwa (chunks of marinated boneless goat meat cooked in Tandoor) and many other vegetarian delights.

A la carte price starts from $4 and goes to $20 you can enjoy a nice meal keeping in mind amount of choices and variety in the menu.


1414 N Milwaukee Ave

Chicago, Il 60622


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