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Best Tequila based cocktails

Learn how to make Top 5 Tequila based cocktails #london#bar#cocktailmasterclass @tequila

Tequila has recently acquired fewer recipes so far in the cocktail world and it also mix well with most fruit juices but when it come to combination with liquors it's still developing.

( 1 measure 25ml standard bar measures are used in the recipes )

Tequila Sunrise (Classic Mexican recipe of 1930s)

2 measures gold tequila

4 measures freshly squeezed orange juice

1/2 measure/ 2tsp grenadine

1- Half-fill a highball glass with crushed ice.

2- Pour in the tequila, then freshly squeezed orange juice.

3- Quickly add the grenadine, pouring it down the back of a spoon held inside the glass so that it sink to the bottom of the drink.

4- Garnish the drink with a slice of orange.

Tequila Sunset

1 measure gold tequila

5 measures lemon juice

1 measure orange juice

15-30ml clear honey

2/3 measure /1 tsp creme de cassis

1- Pour the tequila, lemon and orange juice into a well-chilled cocktail glass.

2- Using a swizzle -stick mic the ingredients together well.

3- Trickle the honey into the centre of the drink, it will sink and create a layer at the bottom of the glass.

4- Add creme de cassis but do not stir, it will create a glowing layer above honey the bottom of the glass.

Margarita (Best known tequila cocktail of late 1940s)

1 -1/2 measure/ 6 tsp silver tequila

1/2 measure /2 tsp cointreau

lime juice

1- Rub the rim of cocktail glass with a wedge of fresh lime and then dip it in fine salt.

2-Shake the tequila, cointreau and lime juice with plenty of ice and strain into the glass.

3- Garnish with a twist of cucumber rind or half slice of lime.

Iced Margarita

2 -1/2 measures silver tequila

1-1/4 measure Cointreau

1-1/4 measure lime juice

6-8 small scoops lime sorbet

150 ml pint chilled lemonade

(Recipe makes 2 drinks)

1- Frost the rim of the glasses with cut lime and fine caster sugar.

2- Add lime & lemon slices to each. Mix the tequila, Cointreau and lime juice in a jug.

3- Scoop the sorbet into the glasses and pour equal quantity of the drink into each glass.

4-Top with lemonade and garnish with lemon balm.

Cactus Juice

2 measure gold tequila

1/4 measure/ 1 tsp Drambuie

1 measure lemon juice

5ml superfine caster sugar

1- Shake all the ingredients well with ice until the sugar is dissolved.

2- Pour without straining into a rock glass.

3- Add a slice of lemon.


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