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Baar Baar- Michelin Guide Restaurant-New York

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Baar Baar Enters the list of Best Restaurant in Michelin Dining Category.

Baar Baar New York enters the list of top restaurants in Michelin Dining Category in New York and Best Wine and Dine Restaurant in America. A first of its kind Indian Gastro Bar that will challenge your perception of the subcontinent. the food at BAAR BAAR jumps several chapters to draw outside the lines. A celebration of regional Indian flavors brought to life using fresh local produce, Chef Sujan's progressive menu gives a nod to the past while looking straight into the future. At this first of its kind Indian gastro bar, age-old recipes are tweaked into modern Indian tapas and sharing plates that pair perfectly with India inspired cocktails. Turning the humble chakna into sophisticated nibbles and converting the ubiquitous thali into hearty platters, BAAR BAAR's food reflects a community eating spirit.

Average A la carte price starts from $10 and goes to $36 you can enjoy a nice meal keeping in mind amount of choices and variety in the menu.

Restaurant Website :-

The bar at Baar Baar turns convention upside down by giving every drink its own stage. Borrowing from its Indian roots but shaking things up by taking inspiration from NYC's craft cocktail culture — the 12 seasonal signatures are divided into 4 sections. Each pays homage to traditional ingredients, cities, and childhood memories.


Dinner: 4:30pm to 9:30pm.

Days: Wednesday to Sunday.




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