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  • Sonali Mehta

Air India Worst Airline in sky

Air India is like local Indian bus in sky.

Flying Experience:- 1/10

Seat Comfort:- 1/10

Staff Service:- 1/10

Boarding experience:- 1/10

Senior Citizen Friendly :- 0/10

Chicago Airport experience: 10/10

Passenger Flying and Boarding experience below

Passenger used wheelchair because of her knee trouble she was also wearing heavy braces but at two point wheel chair guy asked for money one guy even stopped her from boarding and said give money first. First guy dropped her to the boarding gate and asked for money second guy who was suppose to drop from boarding gate to flight stopped in between and asked for money that too if amount is less they wont accept.

Passenger booked 18 K Seat( paid extra for this seat) because of her condition she requested if its possible to get front seat because she got knee problem and she was wearing heavy braces but instead she was given same type seat that to at the back seat 50 then she complaint why you give me this seat 18K seat was same type for which she paid extra. They rejected her request and said we gave your seat to some one else and then gave her another same type of seat 42. No staff helped her she repeatedly told staff that her luggage is at seat 50 but they didn't cared and at one point they were rude to her but thanks to passengers who helped her with her luggage . Don't change or give different seat to passenger if you don't have just tell them on face we will see how it work we will inform flying staff instead of saying go go we only have this.

Air India operates like Haryana Roadways they will drop food and after that they wont care same behaviour when this airline was under government hand and if they continue this way they will face same fate like Jet Airways.

Chicago Airport experience was outstanding wheel chair assistant helped her with everything and even called her family and said she will come soon because it was taking time at this point family was very impressed and assistant never asked for money but family did gave tips happily.

In short rude behaviour of staff and when you address this issue online they don't care at all.

We wont recommend this Airline if you are flying your parents or disable choose western airline avoid Air India.


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